For the Lord our God has done great things in our midst

Dagma Fonceca, February 19»
Abba Father, thank you Jesus for your many Graces, Blessings and Healing in my life. Thank you for being there and for your safety and protection. Thank you for healing my grandson, protecting my son at his new job, financial healing, renewing my contract, restoring good health and closer family and marriage relationships. May we continue to experience complete inner healing, peace, hope and joy, for your Glory as we continue to place all our trust in you, in Jesuss name, Amen.
Angelina C., March 11»
I attended the Fires of Healing seminar held on March 11 with Fr. Carl and Sr. Mary Hogan and on that day during Eucharistic Adoration and Prayer for Healing, I was blessed to receive a miraculous Healing of my stomach. For three years off and on, I suffered with burning and great pain in my stomach region. I was prescribed a medication to reduce the acidity in my stomach and I was taking antacid tablets almost daily. the Holy Spirit, through Sister Mary spoke words of Healing for a person with a stomach ulcer. She stated, "it is Healed!." I attended on the Sunday with expectant faith for Healing and that is exactly what I received! I had an appointment booked for a Gastroscopy on the following Thursday and 'my knowing was confirmed as my test results were completely normal! Praise our heavenly and loving Father! I experienced no stomach pain since the words of Healing were spoken on the Sunday. God loves all of us and wants us to be healthy and well. Build a relationship with Jesus Christ and your Healing will be just around the corner...
Sandra Rebello, June 17»
Praise and thanks to the Lord for favours received and the Gethsamane Prayer Group. I have been going for job interviews but was not making it to the final candidate. However, for this particular interview, I asked Brother Suresh to pray over me. We also spend a day at the Wellandport centre in prayer and before the Blessed Sacrament and the Lord. Miraculously, I must say that this time I got the job and that too at a higher grade. Praise be His Holy Name.
Maria Coutinho, August 9»
I had a red eye infection and was in pain and i placed a small bible on my eye and prayed and the pain went away. Thank you Jesus. For over two months My pressure report was high and through prayer it became normal for this I thank and praise you Jesus For over a year I had pleuresy problem and could not breathe or walk normally and Jesus healed me through prayers in the group and around. I am so grateful to you Jesus for your healing love My Blood level was very low before this and through prayers in the prayer group in Goa it became normal. Thank you Jesus for you mighty love While in Goa I had insomnia ie no sleep from 2 am i was in great disomfort Through prayer after a retreat in Potta this illness went away after four months. Thank and praise you Jesus for your unfailing love during this time. Than you Jesus once again for your steadfast love and mercy on me in so many ways God bless you all.
Zerlina Gonsalves, September 10»
I would like to thank our gracious God for healing me. I was not keeping well a couple of months back and after some tests, the ultrasound of the uterus revealed some cells. I was recommended to a specialist. During one of the Friday prayer meetings, the Holy Spirit prompted Suresh to call people who were going for Uterus and ovarian tests. I went to be prayed over and claimed the healing that Suresh prayed over me. Thereafter I went for the biopsy of the uterus in the following week. My results were given after 3 weeks which were completely normal. The doctor confirmed that they were non-cancerous cells and everything is fine. All praise and glory to our Lord Jesus Christ who is our healer.
Sally Alex, October 20»
Praise the Lord My name is Sally Alex, I am from the Hamilton dioceses. My testimony goes as follows, on my left foot my toes were numb. Soon after the numbness spread to my whole leg. I went to the family doctor and I had it x rayed with no results. When me and my family went to Gethsemane Ministries at Wellandport, Br. Suresh and team prayed over me. After the prayers Jesus healed me, the word of God says in Exodus 15:26 says" I am the Lord who heals you. Now my numbness has been healed. Thank you Jesus, praise you Jesus!
Ajith Dias, June 24»
In the month of Jan 2018 I prayed for My immigration file to be nominated/approval, which was very difficult to get because of lot of skilled applicant on waiting list, whereas my application was simple and less skilled as compare to other, but by grace of GOD I got Province Nomination certificate, During my PNP immigration process time I was praying frequently with lot of faith on God's word. In every stage of my PNP filling process, I Got Holy spirit vision and guideline, during that time I experienced a lot of God's Love and Grace on my application file. Thanks to our Savior God Jesus, its Tremendous Miracle happened in my life, which was impossible to get PNP Nomination during this difficult time.
Maria Coutinho, September 9»
Ps 103 says Bless the Lord Oh my soul and never forget His Blessings and so I would like to testify to His healing love for me. I had developed a strange type of cold in my chest and the doctor said that after 9 injections it would go and even after that there was no healing and meanwhile I used to read the psalms daily in hope and yes the Holy Spirit said that I would be healed in May and this cold had started in September and it did go away in May, thanks to Jesus' healing touch. At another time I had a tailbone ache in the back and I was prayed over at a special retreat and it persisted and I feared it was spondylitis and about a month later I walked into a prayer meeting and the Holy Spirit said eat spinach: and I did take it and next day the pain went away and never came back. Thank You Lord for your steadfast love and mercy. Thanks be to Jesus...I spent time at the Blessed Sacrament and a close friend of mine prayed for me and I was totally healed Thanks be to God for His mercy and Kindness. To God be the Glory forever!
Dagma Fonseca, November 20»
Praise and thanksgiving to Jesus, Our Lord and Saviour for blessings received, financial healing, health restored, a new grandson Giovani (Gio), and for the many flavors and healing received, Thank you Mama Mary, please continue to cover our families with your mantle of protection, Amen.
Sajitha Shan, Toronto ON, January 6»
When I was 10 weeks pregnant, I went to my family physician because of severe constant back pain, whether standing, sitting or lying down. He sent me to emergency as that pain was not related to pregnancy. The doctor in the emergency suspected that I may have a prolapsed disc and requested me to take an X-ray. Being pregnant, I became really worried about my baby, so I returned home without taking an X-ray. Even though I had been experiencing severe back pain for 4 days, I came for the Healing Retreat by Fr. Roy James and Br. Sabu Aruthottiyil on November 5 & 6 at the Gethsemane Retreat Centre, Wellandport. When Br. Sabu, prayed for the healing of my back, I could feel the presence and power of God, and although I could not say that the pain was immediately gone, few minutes later when I felt a strong cooling effect on my back, I realized that Jesus touched me and I got healed. The very next morning when I got out of my bed, I did not feel any pain, neither have I had any back trouble from that day onward. I am now 16 weeks pregnant and perfectly alright. Thank you Jesus for healing me at the healing retreat at the Gethsemane Retreat Centre at Wellandport. It is incredible what God did for me as I think back on that severe back pain. Praise the lord for His healing! I know how much God loves me, that he shows his mighty power numerous times. I have been telling my friends and relatives about this healing testimony, because God is real, he is our loving God. Thank you Jesus. Praise you Jesus.
Dagma Margaret Fonceca, July 22»
Praise and thanksgiving to Jesus, Our Lord and Saviour and Mother Mary for her intercession and protection for the many flavors and healings received, Praise God!
Dagma Margaret Fonceca, August 16»
I give Our God mighty praise and thanks for the success of a job for me and my son and for many favors granted. May He continue to bless us with good health in body, mind and soul. Through Him all things are possible, Amen.
Sarita Fernandes, September 11»
Thank you Jesus for the many blessings bestowed on my family. My sister was very sick and I requested Brother Suresh and team to join me in praying for her. I was not sure what to do as I am her primary caregiver and there was no one to be with her in the hospital. Jesus heard our prayers. We found a lady to be with her to be in the hospital to be with her for two weeks and she was treated and was sent back home, a month later I got news that she is well. Praise and Thank you Jesus.
Dudley & Zerlina Gonsalves, December 12»
We would like to give glory to our God on behalf of my family for strengthening our faith and been with us through all the times for the past year after we have entered this country. I would also like to give thanks for the many blessings that he has showered on us from time to time; specifically, to name a few: 1) We lost our passports which was in our pouch in Zurich Airport while in Transit. Inspite of searching everywhere we could not find them. We prayed frantically, and the Lord helped us miraculously in recovering them. We not only found our lost passports but we got to board our original flight which was delayed. So, we did not have to rebook our tickets or take a different flight. 2) Our daughter aged 3 just refused to eat solid food. We tried every possible way to get to eat solid food with no success. With every attempt that we tried she would vomit out the food from her mouth as she could not handle the solids. We interceded to our Mother and decided to take her to our Lady of Vailankanni church in India. After our visit to the shrine with our daughter, on our way back to the hotel our daughter just refused to eat the mashed food that we had carried for her. From that moment onwards, she started eating solid food. We thank our Mother and Lord Jesus for the Healing of our daughter of her eating habits 3) After arriving in Canada, we thank Jesus for sustaining us emotionally and financially through the period when we were without jobs. He helped us to go through the initial phase with a deep trust that He would establish us in this country. After months of struggle, my wife and myself got jobs in our respective fields in good established companies. He was faithful to his promise that he has plans of abundance for our future. 4) When we look back, we thank him for so many miracles that he has bought us through every step of our life.
Testimony of our daughter Judith, Toronto, ON, April 29»
POWER OF GOD I give Praise and Glory to Abba Father and our Lord Jesus Christ for his mercy upon my daughter who had a brain surgery to remove a tumor. This is the Year of Mercy. My daughter Judith was complaining of headaches, numbness on the left side of her face and sensation of needles pricking her hand. She visited the family doctor and was sent for many tests. In December 2015, we both went for a holiday, but Judith came back to Canada earlier than I. A week later her doctor asked Judith to see her immediately as they detected a growth in her brain. My daughter met the family doctor and she was told to go to St. Mike's Hospital to take an urgent MRI, after this was done the Surgeon told her that she has to undergo a surgery right away as there was a Tumor in the brain the size of an orange and another Tumor small in size growing in the area of her forehead. She panicked and asked me to return back to Canada as I was still on vacation during that time. The hospital was preparing her for the surgery the same day with drips and blood transfusion, as she was waiting to be taken in for the surgery a friend who was with her bought some snacks and coffee for Judith, which Judith consumed. Before being wheeled into the operation theater, the doctor asked Judith if she had eaten anything and when she said yes, he had to postpone her surgery for a later date. "Gods Timing Is Perfect" Her surgery date was then scheduled for 5th February 2016, by which time I had returned to Canada. Early morning at 3am I prayed the Divine Mercy Chaplet and offered it up for my daughter. I then opened the YouTube app on my tablet to listen to the Spiritual songs and miraculously the song 'God Will Make A Way, Where There Seems To Be No Way' began to play, the words that touched me most was 'I Will Do Something New Today' I felt so much peace and joy in my heart cause I believed that God was giving me a message. Before Judith was taken in for surgery I asked the Surgeon what kind of Tumor it was, is it a Meningioma or Cancer? He said he couldn't tell, all he said that it was a big one the size of an orange and it would take 4 hours for surgery. Praise God the surgery was done in two and half hours. My daughter was in the recovery room when the doctor came out to meet me. He said that the surgery went very well he was happy that her Tumor came out in one piece it did not stick to her brain but it was pushing her brain back and forth. No internal bleeding. Praise God. About the other Tumor he would give her radiation to reduce it. After 3 weeks she was called to remove her staples, she had 48 staples on her head, she was in pain as it took over an hour to remove them, her jaw was also-dislocated because of the instrument that was inserted in her mouth during the surgery. Her Tumor was taken for biopsy and after 2 weeks the hospital called to say it was benign. They took a CT Scan for the other Tumor and said no radiation for now as it is too tiny. I praise and thank my God for his miraculous wonders. I thank each and every one of my brothers and sisters in Christ who prayed and stormed Heaven for my daughter Judith. She is on her way to recovery beautifully. Zita Pereira
Cornel Baptista, Toronto ON, June 10»
On Wednesday June 1, 2016 when I was driving to work at 6:45 am felt pain on the sides of my chest while breathing. I came back home informed my wife that I was in pain, called a taxi and went to Etobicoke General Hospital. I reached the EGH at 6:15 am was seen by triage nurse, blood pressure was checked, sent to the Doctor who first gave me anti inflammatory tablets sent me for ECG, blood works and X-Ray. I completed all the test and was waiting in the waiting room by 8:00 am. I was seen by the Doctor at 08:20 am who informed it was not heart related pain, but to be on the safe side referred me for a stress test. I went for stress test on Friday June 10, 2016, the Cardiologist checked and informed me that some more tests are to me done and it is being done next Friday June 17, 2016. I Thank and Praise GOD my Father, My Lord Jesus Christ, My Holy Spirit, My Mother Mary and all the Angels and Saints for being there for me all through the hospital episode.
Sylvie Baptista, Toronto ON, June 10»
I was laid off my job after nine years and given a severance package in November 2016. I waited and did not apply for job in November. In December.I started checking on the web sites and doing my research and met Employment Agents in various locations. I was called for a job in a food company and since I was working for a food company there was a clause the we are not to work for a food company so I informed the Agency who said to check with my previous HR Department. I checked and they said that it was OK as long as I am getting 80% of the salary I was making, I called up the Agency and was informed that the job has gone to some one else. Then end of January the Agency called again that the job that was offered to me in December is available. I went and met the Financial Controller who asked just two questions and after answering she held my hands and asked me to join immediately. I informed her that i will start from February 1, 2016. I have been working since through the agency. then Middle of April the Financial controller offered me the full time job. At this time I had booked for a trip to Holy Land, I prayed about it and informed her that I had planned a religious trip to Holy land for 2 weeks in May and would start the full time in June and she agreed. I Thank and Praise My Father GOD, My Lord Jesus Christ, My Holy Spirit, My Mother Mary and all My Angels and Saint for being with me. I have started mt full time position with this company with effect from June 6, 2016. And in all things GOD works for the good of HIS people who are called accordingly Romans 8:28
Greta Carlo, Toronto ON, June 16»
I want to praise God Almighty for being with me during my heart (ablation) procedure. 3 catheters were inserted in different locations to manipulate where the abnormal rhythm was located. It was found sooner than anticipated and hence the entire procedure was completed in just over 2 hours. These procedures take upto 6 hours. It was a successful procedure and I thank my Lord Jesus and Mother Mary. I thank the Gethsemane Intercessory Ministry for praying for me.
Thomas Lazarus, Toronto ON, June 23»
Dear Suresh, I am handicapped not to come in person to witness before the Gethsemane Prayer Group, because I have to go for dialysis on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for 4 hours in the afternoon, and further I am handicapped for transportation, because Ben takes the car for his work. I am writing this message to thank you and Annie for your unceasing prayers, particularly for my health. I know that the Prayer Group too have been praying for me, therefore, please share this message with them. The scripture says in 1 Thes: 5:18 Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you. Last Thursday June 16th, I had a cystoscopy done by Dr. Skeldon (Urologist, Trillium Hospital) perhaps for the 40th time in 10 plus years. He had a thorough examination of my bladder from which a malignant tumor was removed in 2005 and thereafter various other treatments were done. This time after the procedure was done, Doctor told me, 'Thomas there is no need for you to see me again for this purpose; you are a Cancer Survivor'. I thanked the Lord and of course Dr. Skeldon immensely for the decade long excellent treatment. I know Gethsemane has been praying for me unceasingly and I very much wanted to witness in person what God has done for me and to thank all personally for their prayers. I will do that if God willing some time soon. For the present please accept this message as my thanks giving, and do share in your gathering. In the most precious name of Our Lord and Saviour, I close. Thomas Lazarus
Eva Fernandes, Toronto ON, June 22»
Dear Brother Suresh: I would like to testify to a healing of my son's friend who is not a Catholic. He was 34 years of age and had met with car accident. He went through s spine surgery and was very critical. The doctors put him on life support. I prayed to our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ and said he is the giver to life, please give life to this child. I claimed that healing for him. I prayed very fervently and our Lord heard my prayers. My son's friend is well now and is walking around. I claimed that healing for him. I would like to praise Jesus for this miraculous healing. Praise and thanks be to Jesus our great healer.
Adriana Panfili, Toronto, ON, September 29»
We attended the Healing of Families Seminar held on the Labour Day weekend (September 3, 4 and 5, 2016) at your Centre in Wellanport. There were 5 of us in the car. On the first day, my friend Vera saw the sun spinning in the sky, but I did not see anything. On the second and third days, all of us saw the sun spinning, just outside your front door. We were so excited to see it. I was beaming with excitement about it and I had mentioned it to Fr. Yozefu Ssemakula and he said that he sees it every day. It is so wonderful to see that God is blessing your Centre and your Ministry and blessing in a very special way the priests and the seminars that are being held there, and all the participants. We felt so blessed seeing this great sign in the sky because it is so comforting to know that when you are praying, God is right there. He is there listening to His children. Mother Mary is there holding our hand and guiding us along and encouraging us each step of the way. It is so beautiful. Also, I wanted to mention to you that we had some success with Fr. Yozefu's Paraliturgy Prayer. I had attended this same seminar last year as well and I was wondering where I would find a suitable prayer partner to say the Paraliturgy prayer with me. One of your intercessors advised me to pray three months for a prayer partner. I now have 4 prayer partners from my side of the family. We pray the Paraliturgy Prayer once a month (on the same day, but not at the same time and not in the same location). So far, two members in our extended family have returned to their respective homes.
Blaise Duarte, Toronto ON, October 28»
Gethsemane Ministries Praise the Lord. Thank you all for your prayers. My angiogram only showed 3 minor blockages and I am advised medication and diet. Please continue with your prayers. Praise the Lord. Thank you. Blaise
Noella D'souza, Toronto ON, November 7»
Thank you Jesus for healing me at the Healing retreat at Wellandport (Nov 5/16). I've been experiencing head, back and neck pain for the past 2 & 1/2 years as a result of an injury. When Brother Sabu called people with spinal problems to come forward, I stood in the line. We all prayed for healing. With God's grace I am completely healed. I felt the bones in my neck move gently and knew instantly I was healed. I want to thank God for Gethsamane Ministries and the Gethsemane Centre.
Kevin Rodrigues & Family, Toronto ON, November 7»
I would like to testify about my daughter, Myanca who secured admission to Medical School in August. We thank the Lord Jesus and Mother Mary for making this happen. We also thank you and all the members of the Gethsemane Ministries for your prayers. My family and I always remember Gethsemane Ministries in our daily prayers (Our Family Rosary) and pray for the fulfillment of the great mission that you'll have undertaken in Canada. We would also request you and the members of Gethsemane Ministries to please pray that Myanca will continue to do well in all her years of study. We also thank the Lord Jesus for all the blessings that he continues to shower on us every day. Praise the Lord! Thank you Jesus and Mother Mary.
Helen Ashok, Toronto, August 22»
I am Helen Ashok. Few months back, I was suffering from severe depression, didn't feel like talking to anyone, didn't feel like praying, didn't have proper sleep. I was feeling lonely. God in his mercy healed me completely. Brother Suresh prayed over me and the Gethesemane prayer group prayed for me. I thank and praise God for it. Two months back my husband, Joseph met with Car accident and the car was fully damaged but by the grace of God nothing happened to my husband nor to the other driver. I praise and thank God for it.
Ann Gomes, Toronto, November 19»
Thanks to our Almighty God for the powerful healing intercessory prayers of Brother Suresh and the gathered congregation on the 18th of November 2016. I was suffering from an acute spondylitic pain in the right scapula area for about 24 hours after I had returned from India. Last Friday, Jesus compelled me to attend the Gethsemane prayer meeting when Brother Suresh asked the people who were having back pain to come down for healing prayers. Brother rightly mentioned the verse of Mathew 8:8 " Lord ,I do not deserve to have you come under my roof.But just say the Word ,and my servant will be healed."Yes , the Spirit of the Word came upon me with tears rolling down my eyes. The pain still lingered on for a few more hours but with the dawn the pain disappeared and left me. With all Praise and honour to you Lord!
Jessy, Toronto, Canada - April 30, 2015»
Hello Brother Suresh and Gethsemane Ministries, Thank you for prayer support.God granted me a job and will be starting on May 4th, 2015. Please pray for me God grant me wisdom and knowledge required to do this job.Thank you once again.Coming to Gethsemane gives me abundant peace.
Dagma Fonceca, Toronto, December 2»
Thanksgiving to Jesus for protecting my Niece who would have been sexually harassed by men who broke into her house. She was able to defend herself despite being attacked and thankfully have help come at the right time to her. Thanks to Jesus and Our Blessed Mother for His protection on her and Our families. Praise God.
Anthony & Eva, Toronto, Canada - Dec. 30, 2014»
I praise and thank God for the many ways he has revealed his glory to us. This testimony is long overdue. We had been praying for our older son to find a suitable life partner. We asked Bro.Suresh and other members of Gethsemane Ministry to pray for him. During the prayer meeting, Bro.Suresh announced that someone has been praying for their son to get married. The Lord is blessing their son with a life partner. We claimed that blessing for our son. Another day when my son met Bro.Suresh, while he was praying he told him that he would meet a life partner and he would get married soon. He did find a life partner, exactly the type of girl he wanted and he is now happily married. Then, suddenly my second son of 33 year old suffered a heart attack. It was a surprise to all of us, including the doctors. It was a shock to all of my family members. It was very hard to accept that my son, so young could have a heart attack. I asked Bro.Suresh, Sanu, Yvonne & Charley to lift my son in prayer. I thank them all for their prayers and support and above all I thank and Praise my Mighty Lord and Saviour for giving my son back to me. My family and I would like to thank Bro.Suresh and Gethsemane Prayer Group for all the prayers and support given to us in these difficult times. We praise and thank God for revealing himself to us in such a marvellous way. We serve an awesome God. I thank you my Saviour and Mama Mary for being with us and strengthening us and for blessing my family. Yours in Jesus & Mary.
Kevin Rodrigues, Toronto, Canada - Nov. 23, 2014»
Dear Brother Suresh: I would like to testify to a healing.In our last prayer meeting on Friday, November 21st, you announced that somebody who has arthritis and could not walk was being healed and would start walking.I claimed that healing for my mother in India who is 96 years old and suffering from arthritis.She has osteo arthritis and has great difficulty in walking around the house due to severe pain.On Saturday 22nd when I called up my mother, she told me that she has started walking slowly in the house with a walking stick. I would like to praise Jesus for this miraculous healing.Praise and Thanks be to Jesus our great healer.
Jerin & Smitha, Rejina, Sk - Nov. 22, 2014»
Praise God! Hello, This is Jerin & Smitha, we were praying for a baby for the last 1.5 years. After we attended the retreat conducted by Brother Suresh and team at Regina,Smitha got pregnant. God is great....Sincerely
Jacob Maryland & Celine Jacob,.Yorkton, SK. - October 1, 2014»
Praise the lord. I was a participant in the retreat of Gthsemane Ministries at Regina on 19th & 20th of July 2014.I had 3 main intentions in the prayers and adoration, of the top 2 is now granted by Almighty. My son-in law got a good job 2 weeks ago, he will join next week. Second is that our son and daughter in-law had no children for the last 2+ years of their marriage. They live in UAE, two days ago I got the message that she is pregnant 6 weeks. This is the second grand child in our household. Many millions of thanks to almighty God. gloria...Praise the Lord.....
W. Menezes Milton, ON - August 29, 2014 »
I suddenly developed severe pain below my hip on the left side for about 3 weeks in July 2014. The pain progressively increased and I went to see my Family doctor who referred me to the specialist and asked me to do a few tests. I came to Gethsemane prayer meeting and on the second Friday of my attending the prayer meeting at Gethsemane. I was sitting most of the time due to my pain. During the praise and worship time Brother Suresh announced one person with a pain in the left side below the hip God is healing , I claimed it Jesus it is me heal me and I noticed that the pain was gone completely. I give all glory and thanks to our Lord for this mighty healing.
Reena, Yorkton, SK - August 29, 2014»
Hi I am Reena Sudheep and I live in Yorkton. I had attended the Retreat in Regina conducted by Br Suresh. On the first day of the retreat during the adoration brother called my name and said that God is blessing me. We had applied for our PR and the file was not moving since long time. I had worked in Saudi and there was some problem in getting my Police clearance. A week after the retreat we got our passport call without even submitting the Police clearance from Saudi. I strongly believe that it's a Miracle. I am really grateful to God the almighty who has showered His blessings abundantly on me. Praise the Lord !!!
Jorly, Regina, SK - August 22, 2014»
Praise The Lord. My name is Jorly, I would like to share with you how God healed me from my heel pain. It started around one year back after I came to Canada. I was suffering from severe pain especially after work.I got a chance to attend the retreat which was conducted in Regina in the month of July from 19th to 20th. During the Adoration and worship Mr Suresh, who led the service announced that one person suffering from heel pain is healed. I believed that's me and I got a relief from my pain from that day onwards. I'm very thankful to God for healing me.Thank you and praise you Jesus.
Renjini J., Regina, SK - July 30, 2014»
I attended the Retreat held at Holy Trinity Parish, Regina lead by Suresh Dominic and Team (Gethsemane Ministries) July 19th & 20th. I experienced the abundant love of Jesus and Holy Spirit and I was able to praise in tongues. I was also praying throughout the retreat for a friend of mine who did not have children and yesterday she told me is pregnant.Praise be to Jesus.
Charlotte A, Ontario - June 23, 2014»
I had sent a prayer request about a month ago for my cousin Sharon who had a seizure and required brain surgery since the MRI showed a blood vessel that had burst in the brain. Thank you all for your prayers and Praise God for healing Sharon completely without the brain surgery. Thank you Jesus, Praise you Jesus.
Moly E., Ontario - March 30, 2014»
I asked for a prayer request few months ago before writing my exam to pray for me to pass that exam. When I came the friday after the exam, while praying Br.Suresh mentioned that someone is worried about an exam just did and don't worry, God is saying you are passed this exam. So I thought it may not be me, there might be other people also has done the exam.Right away Br.Suresh mentioned, something like a board exam. Then I realized that it is for me. By the Grace of God I received a letter saying that passed the exam. Thank you Lord.
Sarita A., Ontario - February 18, 2014»
Thanks for your prayer support. Fred's biopsy came back on Wednesday.There is no lung cancer.The pathologist said the affected area in his lung is due to sarcoidosis, which is not a fatal condition.The family is very grateful for your prayers, very grateful.Please continue to pray, Praise God !
Angelica, Ontario - February 5, 2014»
Dear Brothers & Sisters, Thank-you very much for praying for my healing. I gave the Glory to Our Mighty God for healing me from terrible headache after I hit my head. Our Lord is loving and compassionate God with his children. Thank-you.
Dilasha, Ontario - February 5, 2014»
PRAISE THE LORD! Tiannas surgery was succesfull. She did not have any difficulties during or after the surgery. She is doing really really good and she is back in school today.Thank you for all your prayers. God Bless,
Sunil, Toronto - November 30, 2013»
Praise the Lord.God has blessed me with a job, I thank Gethsemane intercessory prayer warriors and Br.Suresh for prayers, help and all the support during this 11 months of stressful / difficult time.
RM, Canada - November 4, 2013»
Some time in June 2012, I started coming to Gethsemane Prayer Meetings. My family was in a very sad state and every Friday I came I used to bitterly cry during the praise and worship. Non-stop tears. Now it is over a year I have been coming every Friday and it is a commitment to God. I am happy to say I am now able to accept the situation and pray to God to bless the situation with his love and mercy. My faith and hope has become strong and I am also able to pray and have my time with the Lord. Thank you Jesus for taking care of my family during this difficult time....
Alan, Ontario, Canada - October 31, 2013»
Dear Br.Suresh, Praise The Lord. The Lord healed my from Diabetes.On the 26 Sept 2013 I had visited the doctor and he increased the medication Metformin from 500 mg twice a day to 1000mg twice a day.On Saturday I forgot to take my medication and after the Healing Adoration service on the way back home I heard the Lord say you are healed.I checked my blood sugar that evening it was 5.2.The next morning the fasting blood sugar level was 5.8. and has remained steady between 5.9- 6.5.I Praise and Thank the Lord Jesus for healing and restoring my health to normal.I want you to share this with your community and also with Fr.Joby for the Glory of God.
Mary James, Toronto, Canada - October 31, 2013»
I attended the convention on Oct 26th and Oct 27th and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the retreat. Before I came to the convention, I was going through a period of spiritual darkness where I felt like I was attacked physically, emotionally and spiritually by dark forces. Daily routines or circumstances were going against me and there was no peace within me or within my family. The more I tried to pray, the more depressed and lonely I felt. Most often, I wasn't able to concentrate in my prayers and the worst part of it was that, I could not feel the Holy Spirit or hear him speak. I really thought the Holy Spirit left me and I was totally lost. During the convention, when Fr. Jobby had the healing session, I was able to forgive completely from the bottom of my heart and truly repent and ask forgiveness. I felt an electric current pass through me and I literally heard a noise that sounded like something was breaking. After this Fr. Jobby asked the people who were able to forgive to stand up and said that all bondages were broken. This is when I could connect the noise that I heard. In addition, after I came back and went about with my life, I received a call yesterday which threw me back. The intention that I was praying was granted and it happened in such a way that no human being alone can accomplish it. Thank you Lord for this and all the miracles that you perform in our lives.
Rosiline Jacob, Ontario, Canada - October 30, 2013»
I had a cone in my left foot and was suffering from severe pain. After I attended Fr. Joby's retreat on Oct. I got healed and it disappered completely. Thank you Jesus and Praise you Jesus.
Lynette, Ontario, Canada - October 29, 2013 »
I attended the weekend retreat in Mississauga organized by Gethsemane Ministries from Friday October 25 to Sunday 27, lead by Fr. Joby Kachappilly. I have been suffering from a hip/pelvis condition since our daughter was born 17 years ago, the pelvis keeps popping out and needs to be put back by my osteopath. It had been off all the days of the retreat and I had a back brace belt on throughout. I prayed really hard on Saturday and on Sunday I did feel a movement there but thought it's just acting up. When I went home & removed my belt, I felt good. When I woke up yesterday, my posture was extremely erect and there was hardly any pain. I was on my way for my noon appointment with my osteopath and I prayed that God would anoint his hands on the treatment. My osteopath checked me standing and made me lie down to check my tail bone, pelvis, L5 and said, "Get up & Go Home, you're fine!" Praise God! Blessings,
Pratheesh Mathew, Kerala, India - October 20, 2013»
I am Pratheesh Mathew, I had sent prayer request to get an abroad job. Our Lord given me a good job in Kuwait. Thank you Jesus and praise the Lord..and thanks for everybody who help me by prayers...praise the Lord..
Sandra, Ontario, Canada - August 22, 2013»
Praise and thank your Holy name, Lord, for favours received through the intervention of the Gethsemane Prayer Group. It was the prayer of brother Suresh on myself and my husband that gave us faith and hope in the speedy sale of our home. His Holy Name be praised.
Linda and Angelo, Ontario, Canada - January 31, 2013 »
My wife and I faced a near death experience on Highway 400 north when we were returning from Gethsemane ministry Friday evening prayer service on January 18, 2013 from St.Basil Catholic school at Western road and Sheppard road at about 10:45 p.m. I took 401 east then 400 north to come home. When I took 400 north first I was in the fast left lane and then I moved to the second fast lane to my right side. About ten seconds after the lane change was over I heard a bang on the left rear side of my car. A big 18 wheeler truck came to my lane and hit the left side of my car near the left wheel with the truck's right side front bumper. Immediately my car lost control spun to the left and hit the trailer part of the open deck 18 wheeler truck again. I heard a very loud crushing noise and I realized we were being hit by the trailer part of this big truck. After this my car was spinning on the highway and moving to the other lanes of the highway where other cars were coming at than 100 km speed. This happened south of Finch Avenue and north of 401. There are 6 lanes on this stretch and my car was spinning from the 2nd lane to the 6th lane on highway 400 north. My car turned to opposite direction and I was about to meet head on collision by an oncoming car travelling on the 6th lane. We knew we were going to die hitting by another car travelling at about 100 km and my wife and I closed our eyes and screamed at the top of our voice calling "JESUS" and we were miraculously saved by the almighty Lord Jesus without a single scratch on us. The other car coming at a very high speed missed us by only few inches. Otherwise this would have been a head on collision and we would have died on the spot. Left side of my car is completely damaged and the left windows are completely smashed. My car somehow stopped on the right side of the shoulder. Thank you Jesus for saving our life and giving us another chance to live. Few years ago when we attended Gethsemane Friday prayer service brother Suresh Dominic told us about the importance of saying Psalm 91 before leaving the house in the morning and he mentioned when we say Psalm 91 with faith, God will protect us and our family. We are truly witness to this.. We thank Jesus and Mary the mother of God and all the Angels and Saints for this great miracle and we sincerely thank Gethsemane Ministries for insisting us to memorize Psalm 91 and say it daily especially in the morning before stepping out of the house.Thanks for reading.
Diana D'Souza, Toronto, ON. - October 30th 2012»
I wish to publish my testimony. My name is Diana D'Souza. During Fr. Joby's convention, on the 27th October during Praise and Worship I had a burning sensation like fire on my neck and shoulders for which I was suffering from pain for some months and the Lord touched me on that day. I thank and praise the Lord for this healing as I am free of pain and can sleep peacefully. My life is a testimony itself. Praise you Jesus.
Jerome Pais - Friday, August 24th, 2012 - Gethsemane Prayer Meeting»
Testimony - Power of Forgiveness Praise the Lord! Brother Suresh Dominics call during the prayer service on August 24, 2012 was to Wake Up and start living in the PRESENT (today). It certainly woke me up! On this day, I learnt and truly felt why I should be living in the present (today). I realized how slow my life was progressing by dwelling in the past. My Lord opened my heart and mind and made me search my soul for the shortcomings within me. Bro. Suresh said, We human beings, hold on to the past and forget to live in the present. All we need to do is let go of the past, and offer it all to Jesus. This powerful sentence kindled my heart. I felt as though the Holy Spirit was playing a video in front of me, covering 65 years of my life within a split second! While going through that experience in my mind, I was fighting to see the faces of people who had hurt me so deeply all through those years! I have been dwelling in my past hurts, recalling often all the wrong that was done to me. Never did I seriously stop to think of all the blessings that the Good Lord had showered upon me, all through those years. Although, on the surface it seemed as if I had forgiven those people, I had not completely forgotten the hurts I had endured and how deeply I was offended. Occasionally, these dark thoughts would open up old wounds and bring back emotional stress, leading to anger and a quest for revenge. During the prayer service, God woke me up and took me away from my past. Now, I believe that for the Lords Prayer to be truly meaningful and become a reality in my life, I must forgive and start living differently. I realize that I should not hope to change the past the way it pleases me, and through my way of justice. Today, I am convinced that I must Let it all GO wholeheartedly, and pray for blessings that forgiveness brings. It feels good to erase the past and make place for new hope of the present day. Through this experience, I also learnt that it is important for me to apologize to those who may have been hurt with my past behaviour. I count my blessings and praise my Lord everyday, as he has always remained by my side, although I am not worthy. As I thank Him with all my heart, I pray that his grace and presence remains with me, all the days of my life! Thank you Lord for bringing Brother Suresh and the Gethsemane Ministry into my life! If you forgive others their trespasses, your heavenly father will also forgive you Mathew 6:14
Prescilla Pais - Friday, July 20th, 2012 - Gethsemane Prayer Meeting»
Testimony God Never Fails, Trust In His Promise Praise the Lord! On Friday, July 20, 2012 while concluding the prayer service, Brother Suresh Dominic announced,there is somebody here who is either waiting to go for a biopsy or awaiting biopsy results. God says to this person, you are healed, you do not have cancer. As soon as I heard this message, I stood in shock for a minute as it was so very appropriate to my situation. At the time, I was waiting to go for a biopsy, and I quickly claimed the healing. I went through the biopsy on July 27, 2012 and waited patiently for three weeks to get my report. God kept His promise! My report came back all clear, and there was no sign of cancer! Praise the Lord for His mercy and love! While sharing my testimony, I would also like to let you know of some unique experiences I went through during my 3 week waiting period. Whoever has had to wait for their biopsy results will understand that it is the longest wait of our lives. This is when the devil tries to attack us, so he can separate us from God. He knows that we are going through a difficult and an anxious period, so he doubles up his efforts to destroy our faith and question Gods plans in our lives! Although I fully trusted in Gods promise, and was convinced that I was completely healed, the devil would find a way to disturb my peace by putting evil thoughts in my mind. Suddenly, while enjoying a family meal or an outing, a thought would come to mind, what if Bro. Sureshs message is wrong, what if I really have cancer, will I be around next year? Such thoughts would upset me for a split second, but I would quickly come to the realization that all of this is from Satan, just so I could doubt the Power of God and lose my faith in Him! At that moment, I would call out to the Holy Spirit, and Mother Mary to strengthen my faith and help me defeat Satan. So I encourage you my brothers and sisters, no matter what situation you are in, continue to trust in the Lord and believe in His promise! Hold on to Mother Mary and the Holy Spirit to increase your faith and help you through those difficult moments. In the end, you will be able to conquer Satan and proudly say, My God is a Mighty God, and His Promise will never fail! I thank Bro. Suresh and the intercessory ministry for all their prayers and support in my time of need. May God continue to bless them and the Gethsemane Ministry!
Lucy Chung, Toronto, 20 March, 2012»
PRAISE THE LORD ! Br. Suresh, this is a very exciting news to tell you and to the whole world that what a blessing I came back home with. My whole life has been changed after this retreat.During the retreat when Fr. Michael told us to put the hands on the part where we want to be healed, I did not know where to lay my hands on.so i just said a short prayer saying that Lord if you want to heal me ,you give me such a healing that it is far from human capability to heal me. Then I put my hands on my eyes. and when Fr. Michael said somebodys eyes are healed I knew it was me. Immediately I thanked the Lord, removed my glasses from my eyes and went straight to my room, put on the table lamp opened my bible and read the whole chapter 2 of John. PRAISE THE LORD. Now all the people knowing me that I have been wearing glasses for the past 20 years were amazed to see me . Alleluia! Alleluia!
Mark and Susan Vaz, Toronto - 28 Mar., 2011»
PRAISE THE LORD ! Br. Suresh, this is a very exciting news to tell you and to the whole world that what a blessing I came back home with. My whole life has been changed after this retreat.During the retreat when Fr. Michael told us to put the hands on the part where we want to be healed, I did not know where to lay my hands on.so i just said a short prayer saying that Lord if you want to heal me ,you give me such a healing that it is far from human capability to heal me. Then I put my hands on my eyes. and when Fr. Michael said somebodys eyes are healed I knew it was me. Immediately I thanked the Lord, removed my glasses from my eyes and went straight to my room, put on the table lamp opened my bible and read the whole chapter 2 of John. PRAISE THE LORD. Now all the people knowing me that I have been wearing glasses for the past 20 years were amazed to see me . Alleluia! Alleluia! Lucy Chung, Toronto, 20 March, 2012 "Give thanks to the Lord, call on his name; make known among the nations what he has done, and proclaim that his name is exalted. Sing to the Lord, for he has done glorious things; let this be known to all the world"- (Isaiah 12:4-5) The above is absolutely true and my husband and I praise and Thank God for all the wonderful miracles he has worked in our lives. As a newly wedded couple way back in 2000, having good and stable jobs in India, we wanted to start a family immediately. There was no shortage of finances and starting a family was primary as we both loved children. In 2001 however, our papers for Canada came through and my husband and I decided to move. The big change to this country, no job security and having no support system in terms of not having any family did not deter us from our plans of starting a family. However, there was one roadblock after another. We went to the best of the doctors in Toronto in the attempt of trying to conceive and trying to get to the bottom of the cause. However due to negligence of a good doctor, I literally lost my ovary due to ovarian torsion and was rushed to emergency at Mt Sinai Hospital in 2003. The doctors there managed to save my ovary Praise God! But mentioned that due to my condition of PCOS (Poly cystic Ovarian Syndrome), the possibility of conceiving naturally would be absolutely close to zero. But inspite of this, somewhere deep below we always knew that In his time all things are possible we will just have to wait on the Lord! In 2004 we were told by one of our neighbors about Gethsemane Ministries and I was completely crestfallen and did not want to attend any prayer group as I had become bitter and skeptical wrt everything/person in my life. I remember very clearly that at that time the doctor tried to tell us about IVF however my husband and I were not convinced. This friend told us to go talk to Br. Suresh. After much reluctance I went for my first prayer meeting and something strange happened&ldots;.. there was a pull every Friday for me to go for that prayer meeting. That year we went for our first Live In retreat at Jackson Point and that was a life altering retreat. Thereafter, we had a counseling session with Br. Suresh and he did mention after deep prayer quoting from the bible You will be blessed with a son.. we claimed the promise. But now I was getting very impatient in terms of when will that promise be fulfilled?? But I guess at that time both my husband and myself needed a lot of inner healing. It took us 2 yrs of completely trying to transform our prayer life. We attended the retreat with Fr. Manjackal in 2006 and when he prayed over us he said that God is blessing us with a child. A week later, I came to know that I was pregnant!! Praise the Lord.!!! But Satan has a unique way of stealing the joy from your heart&ldots; I was nervous if this pregnancy would come to light and was always scared even though I had so many people praying for me.. I still doubted Gods mercy and glory.. However, our God is an awesome God and on July 1st 2007, I delivered a beautiful baby boy Nathanael !!! Praise God!!! Everything was beautiful and I had a normal delivery. We were back at the prayer meetings thanking and praising God for this wonderful gift and were so happy with one child. Never in our wildest dreams did we ever think that we would become parents again. In 2010, Fr. Mathew Naickoparambil and his group were at Jackson Point conducting the retreat and we were also present. At that time my husband asked Fr. Mathew to pray over us that we might be blessed by another child. At that time Fr. Mathew asked us if we wanted just one more child OR more children to which my husband responded of course more children. Fr. Mathew prayed over us and said your prayers will be answered. Shortly after that all of us attended the retreat at Rosa Mystica in the US. During the exposition of the blessed Sacrament I felt as though there was a cool gust of wind sweeping through my head in the early hours of the morning in the chapel. I opened my eyes to see if the windows were open.. but all the windows were shut.. I kept praying and could just see the eyes of Mama Mary looking down at me. It did not make anysense and I just kept this experience to myself. As soon as we came back from Rosa Mystica, I was not feeling too well and my husband told me to do a pregnancy test. I laughed it out and said that is silly as I would have known if I was pregnant. But due to his insistence, I did the pregnancy test and it came positive. I was so nervous and did not believe till the doctor did a blood test. When that too came positive I was so ecstatic that I immediately called Br. Suresh and gave him the good news. At my first ultrasound everything was fine and so was the baby. But when I went back in 2 weeks for my second ultrasound, the radiologist asked me if I was on any fertility drugs and if there was a history of multiples in the family. I thought these were just routine questions and I said No to both questions. I asked why she was asking me all these questions and she said that I was not carrying 1 baby but 2!! Praise the Lord!! This was a true miracle. But contrary to last time, I had a peaceful hand on my chest throughout this high risk pregnancy telling me that everything was going to be ok. I had all the possible complications this time around, thyroid problems, gestational diabetes, preeclampsia (high blood pressure) but I just lifted everything to the Lord. To make matters worst, my parents could not come over to help me and we knew based on talking to the doctor that this would be a c-section delivery due to the position of one twin. Everyone in the intercessory prayer group at Gethsemane prayed for me and on Nov 19,2010, we were blessed again with twin boys who we named Mikhael and Gabriel. God is so good that even though we did not have any help, I did not require a c-section and the boys were delivered normally without even a stitch. My recovery was so fast by Gods Grace. My dear friends and couples who are going through the same problem of infertility that we went through, our only advice to you is completely trust in the Lord! HE is an awesome God and even though he might appear to take time to answer to your prayers,&ldots; he will give u nothing but the best. Our family would love to thank Gethsemane Ministries Intercessory Prayer Group and in a very special way Br. Suresh who have been a source of inspiration for our prayer life. Attend the prayer meetings and you will experience the awesome wonder of God the way we did!! God Bless,
essy Cherian - New Jersey, USA - 20 Jan. 2011»
I had a knee surgery on Nov 9th and I was taking rest. During my rest time, I was focusing more on prayers. Even after 5 weeks I did not feel any change on my knee. I had to go back to work soon but I wasnt that comfortable to go to work. So, I requested Brother Suresh to pray for me and he did a short prayer through telephone. From the next day onwards, I felt much better and was able to walk freely. Praise and thanks to God.
Indira Brako - Toronto, ON., Canada - 28 Oct. 2010»
Dear Br.Suresh, I want to thank you and all the others who have been praying for me and my problems. I received a job offer and will be signing my papers in the next week. God bless you all.
Lavina - Ajax, ON., Canada - 24 Sept. 2010»
Dear brothers and sisters, with great joy ,I would like to inform that I have been selected by the Durham Catholic School Board. Thank you for all your prayers and support. I praise God Almighty for his great mercies. God Bless you all,
Sherly John - Toronto, ON., Canada - 3 Sept. 2010»
In spite of having lot of obstacles which human beings cannot overcome, because of your prayers God made impossible possible for my daughter and she could travel abroad for an assignment.Thank you Lord Jesus for answering our prayers.
Lovina - Ajax, ON., Canada - 27 May 2010»
Praise the Lord, Ave Maria : Dear brothers and sisters, In the month of Feb of this year when I had gone to India, I fell sick and developed a small growth on my left wrist bone joint , I showed it to Br. Suresh during the lift Jesus Rally and he prayed for me. We kept this in our prayers and the Gethsemane intercessory Ministry too was praying for my recovery. During the retreat at the Rosa Mystica 'house of prayer' I claimed the healing and when I returned home the growth had vanished. I give all praise and Glory to our gracious Lord and to our Blessed mother and I thank all those who prayed for me. God Bless,
Danute Ungerson - Toronto, ON., Canada - 26 May 2010»
My name is Danute Ungerson. I am a widow and have two married daughters. For long time I am suffering from depression and am taking pills. I was also worried about my daughter who got married but had no kids and was getting depressed. I am a catholic but did not like to go to church for many reasons. One day when I went to volunteer, Mrs. Roy, who is my boss, told me about Gethsemane ministry prayer meeting that has helped a lot of people. She invited me to join the Saturday full day prayer meeting on May 8th. At first I was very nervous and said-"O my god how will I sit for 8 hours just praying", however since I love Mrs. Roy and said I will come. I went to the prayer meeting and I liked the prayer meeting very much. All people are friendly and everyone is happy and everybody dress simple. This is different from my church. I use to smoke a lot when I get nervous and I thought it is difficult but I only went out to smoke 2 times that day. If I was sitting at home I would have smoked a lot. I felt very happy. The team prayed for me and my family. When I went home I phoned my daughters and said to them that I went for a catholic prayer and sat for 8 hours and feel happy. They also were happy to hear this but very surprised- Mummy you sat for 8 hours in prayer. Then my daughter said- " mummy I want to give good news to you for Mother's day- I am pregnant". I said this is because the Gethsemane team prayed for me. I believe this. Now I do not smoke though sometimes I feel to smoke. Mrs. Roy gave me a Rosary- so when I feel like smoking- she said to say the rosary. Pleae pray for my pregnant daughter. I am leaving Toronto but will see if there is prayer group like this in Saskachewan. I like this ministry. Thank You,
Susan - Toronto, ON., Canada - 3 May 2010»
Dear Friends, further to my last email about my dad's gout problem - I just spoke to him yesterday and the swelling & pain from one leg has miraculously disappeared (Praise God!). The second leg is also healing well and is on its way to recovery. I thank God for his mercy for this great healing and thank you all for your prayers.Thanks and God Bless.
Peppy - Toronto, ON., Canada - 31 Mar. 2010»
Hello brother Suresh! I had requested your prayers for my healing since had to go for a biopsy for a mass in my left breast. I am grateful for your prayers. When I went for the biopsy, however, they could not do it as there was nothing to biopsy as the mass had disappeared. I want to thank our Lord God and our blessed Mother for this beautiful miracle in my life. God bless and thank you very much. In Christ!
P. Vincent Pinto - Toronto, ON., Canada - 21 Mar. 2010»
Praise the Lord! Six months ago, I was suffering from severe pain in my lower abdominal area. I consulted my family doctor who referred me to a specialist. It was diagnosed as "Hernia" and a surgery was advised. I managed to get a surgery date after a waiting period of four months. I had to undergo a series of pre-operative tests ten days before surgery. I went for the tests and was in for a shocking revelation. The very next day, there was a call from the hospital stating that my surgery will be cancelled as my reports were abnormal and anesthesia could not be administered. As my pain was increasing by the minute I desperately called my specialist about the next course of action. He referred me to a cardiac urgently. The cardiac saw my ECG report and did more tests. After the test he said that my heart was not in the right position and it had moved from its original place. This was a real stunner!! He advised me to go for a Cardiac Ultrasound Test for verification and the test was done immediately. This was on a Friday afternoon. I came home heavily burdened and sent a prayer request to Divine Retreat Centre, Potta, Kerala, India. The same evening I met Nelson D'souza of our Gethsemane Prayer Group. He inquired if all was ok and I opened my heart to him. He assured me of his fervent prayers and put in my intention at the "Gethsemane Intercessory." By our Lord's grace, Br. Suresh was a part of the intercessory that particular Sunday. Nelson called me on Sunday night and said that Br. Suresh had got a message that our Lord will take care of someone who is about to undergo surgery. They claimed it for me. Praise the Lord!! The next day I received a call from the hospital saying that the doctors have jointly decided to proceed with the surgery. I knew that all this was only our Lord's mighty work!! Praise the Lord!!! I went ahead with the surgery at the scheduled time and place. The surgeon had mentioned that a small incision measuring around 3-4 cm will be made and the surgery will take around 45 minutes. I was brought out of the operation theatre after 3 hours with a 15 cm incision. A meshed roll nearly five times bigger than my hernia size was inserted internally. I was suffering from excruciating pain in the back and in the operated area and there was numbness in my right leg. The surgeon said that it would take 90-100 days for recovery. I was advised not to go for long drives and lift anything above 10 lbs for that period. Within a month and half after surgery, there was a "Live in Retreat" headed by Fr. Mathew Naickomparambil V.C. of Divine Retreat Centre, Potta, Kerala, India at Jackson's Point , Ontario. I was initially not keen on attending the retreat because of my medical condition. But at the last moment our Lord enlightened me to go ahead. Praise the Lord!!! On the second day of the retreat, during the "Deliverance mass" celebrated by Fr. Joby, there was a continuous flow of tears running down my cheeks. Then all of a sudden, a gush of cold water splashed across my surgery area (my right side). Then I felt my pain disappear and the numbness was gone. After the Holy mass, when I touched the area, I saw that the meshed roll had dissolved and the entire operated area was healed and became normal with a small red scar. Praise the Lord!!! I give our Lord glory, honor and praise for his mighty healing!!!
Marianne Reis - Toronto, ON., Canada - 16 Mar. 2010»
Dear Suresh, I would like to thank you, other organisers and volunteers of the Lenten Retreat held last weekend. This was my first live-in retreat since coming to Canada in 2002. I have made my retreat at the Divine Retreat Centre in Muringoor in 2002. It was a great joy and privilege to hear Fr. Matthew, Fr. Joby and Sr. Theresa. They were simply wonderful and it is difficult to express my sentiments. Needless to mention, my thanks also goes out to your family and all the families who supported the organisers and volunteers at the Retreat. I have been lifting all of you in prayer time and again. Thank you once again.Praise the Lord !
Saramma Thomas - Hamilton, ON., Canada - 18 Feb. 2010»
Dear Brothers and sisters in Christ, Greeting in the name of the Lord. My name is Saramma Thomas, 87 years old and lives in Hamilton. Recently, I had a strong pain in one of my molar tooth. The dentist who examied my teeth said that the pain is caused by the root of a tooth. I had bypass surgery long time ago. So, the old age and medical history made tooth extraction very difficult. My dentist decided on a root canal procedure and did the first part of root canal work. But I continued to suffer intense pain and needed pain killers every four hours. After the Gethsemane prayer meeting on Friday, I approached Bro.Suresh for prayer. After praying Bro. Suresh gave the message:"Immediately after receiving Holy Communion during Holy Mass on a Sunday, pray to Jesus for healing and comfort and you will not have any more pain." I prayed exactly what Bro. Suresh revealed. The word of God says in Jeremiah 17:14 "Lord, heal me and I will be completely well; rescue me and I will be perfectly safe. You are the one I praise!" I never had toothache ever after. I sleep very well without pain. I claim this as a eucharistic healing. Praise the Lord! Thank you Jesus! Yours in Christ,
Jolly Roy - Toronto, ON., Canada - 20 Dec. 2009»
To all my very special friends, I want to greet you all in the loving name of Jesus Christ. I want to take this opportunity to thank you all for the spiritual and moral support you all offered my husband Roy and self during the hard days of our life, without which we would have landed in a mental institution. Each one of you helped us in different ways, in various degrees- could be by just holding our hands, giving us a loving pat, or praying with us and offering your shoulders to cry. Everything you did meant a lot to us. Along with this I also want to ask for forgiveness to those whom I have hurt and to those who have hurt me by word or action. Today I can very confidently tell you that with all your prayers, my Lord has given the full support and strength to live a joyful and peaceful life once again. Last Sunday (12th & 13th December) during the set free retreat mass, with the help of Fr. Elias Vella & Diana Mascareneus, I was able to offer my beloved daughter Leyona's departed soul as a loving gift to my most beloved friend Jesus. When Leyona was alive I often use to tell her that she is the most precious gift God gave to us. All the wound and pain that I had been carrying deep in my heart came out and now I feel it's completely healed and I am set free from those pains. I want to thank the Lord again and again. Today I rejoice in the Lord in an immense way and I cannot contain the joy to myself- so thought will share it with all of you who had seen me in the past living like a lost soul. I want to specially thank my spiritual brother Suresh Dominic and the Gethsemane ministry for organizing these wonderful retreats for suffering souls like us. May God bless you abundantly. To those who are grieving or going through sorrows - I have only one great advice to give you- No one in this world can heal you or console you. There is only one person who can and that is our loving Lord Jesus- Just offer all your pains at his feet. He will give you peace. I experienced this & want to share this with everyone- this is all my mission today is - To glorify His mighty name. This is all the purpose of my life today is. He has called me by my name and carved my name on his palm. I am precious to him. Today I live for Him. Nothing can take away this joy from me. Thank you Jesus, Love you Jesus and praise you Jesus. With love and prayers, yours sister in Christ.
Indira Rodrigo - Toronto, ON., Canada - 16 Dec. 2009»
Dear brother Suresh and my brothers and sisters of Gethsemane, I want to say a big "Thank you" to all of you for organizing the "Set Free" retreat this past weekend.You could tell how much of work went into all of the details, that made the retreat such a success. You make Gethsemane Minstries so very special, by every thing you do. Fr. Vella's teaching was excellent in that the inspiration that we gained was so unique. He could read the real meanings of so many of the verses that we read again and again, but have still not fully comprehended. He is such an anointed priest - a great gift to us. Among the many insightful teachings, one can specially recall what he said about rejoicing in sufferings. "Although we cannot be thankful for all things, especially for our sufferings and hard times, because Christ himself suffered and thus knew what suffering really was, we are called upon to rejoice in all things, because the Lord is drawing good out of all of this." That Jesus knew what it was to fear, be angry, be accused unjustly, for a thief (Barabbas) to be preferred over Him who was the Son of God, to be sad and weep, to be lonely - all these feelings that we ourselves as human beings encounter and agonise over. Still He set us an example when He thanked God in all these things. Among many other things, I also liked Father's explanation of the Baptisms of water, fire and blood. The story about the bamboo tree was a good example of how God can use us in our sufferings, for the greater good. Sister Diana's teachings were coming from the heart of a woman, wife and mother and thus were so practical in every way. For example her teachings about the expectations we have of our children, and to what lengths we would go to fulfill our own desires and ambitions through them and also about the healing of our innermost fears and anxieties of the present and also the past, were very real and we could relate to them in our own lives. I liked her openness in stating her own experiences in family life too, so we know that we are not alone. Thank you again brothers and sisters for the hard work that must have gone into all of these preparations. I now look forward to the next retreat, which I am sure will be as insightful and special as this one was. A big "thank you" also to all those who went out of their way to assist with giving rides to those who had no other means of transport to travel that distance to Jackson Point. You are all doubly blessed!!! May the God of love reward you all abundantly for all your good work, which makes being a member of Gethsemane Ministries such a heart-warming, consoling, loving and fulfilling experience. Gethsemane is truly the best place to be in, every Friday night! Love and God bless you all.
Brinnel - Toronto, ON., Canada - 29 Oct. 2009»
Dear Br. Suresh: this is to thank you and your group for praying for Suzanne who was ill with lung infection. She was critically ill and has been admitted to the ICU of Brampton Hospital. Her condition was deteriorating last week. Her condition has stabilized and is now at home. She and her family have conveyed their thanks too. Thank you once again. All praise to Jesus, the Son of the Living God.
Deena Pais - Brampton, ON., Canada - 08 Jun. 2009»
Praise the Lord. I cannot wait to tell you what the Lord has done. 3 weeks ago my associate Manager's Grandfather (86 years old) suffered massive heart attack and be was brain dead 2 weeks ago they removed him from life support as he mentioned he was just a vegetable but the grandfather started breathing on his own (still in coma) was admitted to a nursing facility. In the mean time the grandmother couldn't take the stress and last week she had heart failure. On Friday 5th the grand father comes out of coma completely recovered and starts talking to everyone not only that his grandmother is out of coma and out of ICU. Isn't Jesus wonderful. The petitions were put in the intercessory for the last 3 weeks at one point I did pray for his happy death but our God proved he can do beyond that. Psalm 89: 1-2 I will sing of His loving kindness forever. Please pray this miracle will bring the entire family to believe in God and his son our Lord Jesus Christ.Thank you Jesus Praise you Jesus.
enevieve Lobo - Toronto, ON., Canada - 12 Feb. 2009»
I thank Br.Suresh, Gethsemane prayer group, for powerful intercession and for the support. My son had his scrotum swollen with pain. Doctor told me to do some scans in Sick Kids hospital. I asked Br.Suresh to pray for him and immideatly he got healed in front of my eyes. I thank Jesus who is a perfect doctor. Thank you Jesus Praise you Jesus.
Myanca Rodrigues - Etobicoke, ON., Canada - 22 Jul. 2008»
Dear uncle Suresh and all those in the Gethsemane Prayer Group, I would like to thank everyone for their prayers in regards to the renewal of my scholarship. I was granted a scholarship upon entering university, and was required to maintain a high average for its renewal. Although this school year was very difficult, I managed to maintain the average required to continue my scholarship, which makes the financial burden of school easier for my parents and I. I know this is only due to the grace of God and the prayers of the members of Gethsemane Ministries.Thanking you sincerely,
Sunil - Toronto, Canada - 17 Jul. 2008»
My uncle is heart patient and had Major hernia surgery, Team of Doctors had given only 25% hope to survive but our mighty God has saved him with a successful surgery.I thank Br Suresh and Gethsemane intercessory ministry for powerful prayers
Lorraine/Kevin - Toronto, Canada - 20 Jan. 2008»
Dear Br. Suresh and all the other members of the Gethsemane ministry: This testomony is long overdue. I want to praise and thank our Lord Jesus for this mighty healing. My brother Trevor Gonsalves (who is in Bombay) was complaining of severe headaches and this was all due to his blood pressure which shot up so high that it ruptured one of the blood vessels thereby forming a blood clot. He was in the ICU for about a week and was very sick and no medication was acting on him. He was just not in his proper senses. A lot of people from different prayer groups in Bombay visited him and with a lot of people praying for him he got better and was discharged. Again after a few days his headaches still kept coming even inspite of the strong medication he was taking. I just did not give up praying and told our our Lord Jesus that you raised Lazarus from the dead I know you are a God of miracles with just one touch my brother Trevor will be healed I kept praying and crying out to the Lord and used to cry out to the Lord for his healing. I attended the convention at Cawthra when Fr. Augustine Vallooran came im March 2007 and during the healing I was calling out my brother's name hoping that Fr. would call out his name and with great faith I knew that Trevor would be healed slowly but surely. I went home and was feeling a lot better thinking of my brother and the mighty healings that took place at the convention. That same Friday Brother Suresh called out Trevor's name and said Trevor is being blessed and what a coincidence Trevor was preparing to go for another MRI the same time. I called up to wish him goodluck for this test and told him that he is being healed and he felt a lot better. The scan still showed a little blood clot and he was advised a surgery. He was so scared about it but the Neurosurgeon said that it was necessary as he still kept on getting headaches. The surgery was performed in Bombay. I had requested Brother Suresh to pray for this surgery. Praise the Lord ! with everyone's prayers the surgery went on well and Trevor is in good health. He was planning on staying at home but after a couple of months his boss called up and told him that he could start working again and everything would be taken care of. Praise the Lord ! endless times for this Mighty healing and countless blessings. I would also like to thank Brother Suresh and the Prayer Group for praying for my cousin Sunil Tauro who is very well now. Suddenly when Sunil was talking to his wife his tongue got heavy and he was speechless. He was rushed to the hospital and a number of tests were performed and the MRI showed that he had a serious brain infection and hence was not responding to anything. I told my cousin not to give up praying and continiously to say the Divine Mercy Rosary throughout the day. With medications and everyone's prayers Sunil got better and better day by day and now he is fine. Praise you Jesus, Thank you Jesus for this mighty healing. I also Praise and thank the Lord for healing my Uncle Joseph Anthony Fulgado who is 76 years old (in Bombay). He was operated for a frozen shoulder and also fluid in the testicles and was not keeping well for a long time but with all the trust put in Jesus our Saviour I told him not to worry Jesus would heal him. He was also had a cataract eye operation which went on well. He is a lot better. Praise and thank the Lord for this mighty healing. My family would like to thank Brother Suresh and the Gethsemane Prayer Group for all the prayers and support in these difficult times. Lord Jesus give us the grace to magnify and glorify you name forever and forever. Praise the Lord ! all the days of my life. Yours in Jesus Christ !
P. Vincent Pinto - Toronto, Canada - 07 Jan. 2008»
Praise the Lord!. I want to praise and thank our Lord Jesus for blessing me with a new job. The jobs in Canada just come and go. The new job is a real miracle for me! On December 15, 2007 Br. Suresh prayed over the telephone for me. After the prayer he said that the Lord is showing him very clearly that 19th would be the date on which I will be blessed with a new job. December 19 was too near and I did not have any interview call. Normally in Canada at this time of the year, no company will hire any new employee. I thought that it could be sometime around Jan 19 or Feb 19, 2008. But next day I received a call from a company asking me to come for a test and interview on December 17, 2007. On December 18 2007, they called me back and asked me to confirm my date of joining. Since it was the Christmas season, I confirmed January 2, 2008 as my joining date. But they responded back saying that if I could start work on December 19, 2007 they will send me the offer letter by e-mail at the same moment. At that time, my Lord brought to my mind Brother Sureshs word and asked me to go ahead. I accepted and started work on December 19th 2007. This clearly shows the power of prayer and nothing is impossible for God. This testimony is to glorify the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Also, I want to thank Br. Suresh Dominic for praying for me and revealing our Lords message in advance.
Jolamma John - Canada - 04 Jan. 2008»
Praise the Lord. I passed my exam.Thank you for your prayers and support.Myself and my family going to USA on 18th.Please always remember us in your prayers.Thank you,
Cecil Fernandes, Scarborough Toronto, Canada - 03 Dec.2007»
My name is Cecil Fernandes and I am 56 years old and would like to give my testimony. I had a Heart Attack on January 26, 2004 in Toronto and after a few months when I was attending the prayer meeting at GETHSEMANE MINISTERIES Br. Suresh announced that someone present here at the meeting and who recently had a Heart Attack the Lord is Healing him. I claimed the healing for myself and continued on with my life going to work and attending the prayer meeting at Gethsemane every Friday without missing a single Friday come snow or storm rain or sunshine. Recently in September 2007 I went for my annual physical check up to my family doctor and I was told by my doctor that my sugar level was very high and that this time if I had an attack I would not live. Listening to my doctors words made me very uncomfortable, scared and worried. I was all the time thinking in my mind what if I get another attack what is going to happen and this worry was eating me up until one Friday in the first week of October 2007 while attending the Gethsemane prayer meeting Br. Suresh announced that there is someone here present who had an Heart Attack before and is worried about his condition and is frightened the Lord is touching him. I claimed the healing and many friends from the ministry also claimed the healing for me. I have faith in the Lord and after I claimed the healing the fright just disappeared from me and I became cheerful and happy once again and did not think of the past any more. Then I attended Fr. James Manjackals convention in Mississauga, Toronto on October 19, 20 and 21, 2007 and at the convention Fr. James Manjackal announced my name (Cecil) the Lord is touching me and also announced that there is someone who had a heart attack and is now worried and frightened and the Lord is touching that person. I claimed the healing and it was like a confirmation for me not to be afraid but have faith and trust in the Lord and everything will go well in my life. Then I attended Fr. James Manjackals Retreat at the YMCA in Orillia, Ontario Canada on October 26,27,28. I was not going to attend this retreat because I had an appointment on the 26th. with the eye surgeon and this appointment was difficult to get but on the last day of the convention I told my wife that we have to go for the retreat and I will cancel the appointment for THE LORD IS THE GREATEST SURGEON OF ALL MANKIND and before the end of the day we mentioned to Br. Suresh that we would like to attend the retreat. During this retreat again Fr. James announced that there is someone here who had a heart attack and was frightened of getting another attack the Lord is healing him. Fr. James also took my name (Cecil) and said that the Lord is touching me in many ways.Fr. James also mentioned that there are some who are diabetic and the Lord is healing them. I claimed the healing for myself and again it was another confirmation by Fr. James that I should trust in the Lord and have faith and should not get worried. I proclaimed all the healings and gave my testimony on Sunday October 28, 2007 before all those who were present at the retreat. I told each one that they should have faith and believe that the LORD IS THE HEALER and have faith in HIM. After the retreat I have not checked my sugar to see how high or low it is for I know that if I trust MY LORD and have faith in HIM everything will be ok and that HE will protect me at all times
Baptist Sunil Lobo (Mudigere) Toronto ON - 15 Oct. 2007»
I thank God for blessing me with a new job. I thank Gethsemane prayer group for their powerful prayers. Praise the Lord.
Stan, Brampton, ON, Canada - 16 August 2007»
By the grace of God , I finally got an offer to join another job . I agreed to it and I will be joining most probably on 23rd Aug Praise the Lord ! .The offer was good, benefits were even better .Also as you mentioned to me after praying over me , about me getting a job in the government , I did get the job in an organization that is semi government.Praise the Lord ! Also no more shift work and also no more work in the weekends which was always an obstacle when it came to taking part either in a music practise or in a outreach retreat ,leave alone the whole day Saturday prayer .Now I think I can serve the Lord every weekend if need be to my heart's content in the ministry.God has also greatly blessed me in so many other ways as well which if I have to recount now would take a long time.Thank you for all your prayers and to all those who prayed for me .
Kevin Rodrigues, Toronto, Canada - 01 August 2007»
My dear Br.Suresh and all my brothers and sisters in the Gethsemane Prayer group: This is a testimony of my niece in Mumbai (my sister's daughter). She is 15 years old and has just passed her S.S.L.C examination in May 2007.She got 79.83% in her exam and was seeking admission in one of the colleges in Mumbai in the Science stream.The college that she wanted to gain admission to was Bhavan's college as her parents wanted one close to their house. Commuting in Mumbai is a nightmare and this was the reason.The cut-off at the college for admission to the science stream was 90%.Her parents did not give up hope but they trusted in God. They had just returned from a retreat at Tabor Ashram in Kalyan and were certain that God would do the impossible.I also lifted her up in prayer every Friday when I came for the Prayer meeting during the Praise and Worship as well as in my personal prayer. Even when we said the family rosary, we always prayed for this intention. I told my sister to continue praying and I would also do so. Around July 25, she got a call from the college that she could pay her fees by the end of the month. My mother and sister asked me to give this testimony to Gethsemane Prayer group. All praise and thanks to our Lord Jesus for this favour and many other favours received. My thanks to Br. Suresh and all the other members of the Gethsemane Prayer group. Please continue to pray for my niece in her college years.Your loving brother in Jesus Christ.
Somy Thokkupara, Kerala, India - 23 July 2007»
I am an Indian working for the US in the Middle East. Being the only Indian in my work place, I was being racially discriminated against by colleagues, particularly one female, doing all in her power to harm my career. I endured this harassment for over 11 months. In June 2007, when I attempted to apply for a higher position she took this opportunity to block my career, by using the influence she had with our Department Officer to find fault with my work. Any disciplinary action would result in my inability to pursue my studies and be promoted. I was devastated and I experienced severe tension, and sleeplessness. I some how mustered up courage to file a written complaint at the higher level. This resulted in an inquiry commission being instituted to investigate into my complaints. At this juncture, prompted by a close friend, in Canada, I called Brother Suresh Dominic for guidance and prayers. Brother Suresh listened to me and then prayed and consoled me with the message that there will be a miracle in 3 days time. He advised me to pray the Rosary every day and to read the Bible diligently. After our conversation I felt relieved of all tension and complete peace of mind prevailed. That day, when I prayed the Rosary, I felt the presence of Mother Mary and I also felt as though someone was anesthetizing me. After many days and nights of sleeplessness, I slept very peacefully. The most unbelievable miracle did indeed happen on the third day. The officer who was unfairly trying to punish me at the behest of this female friend was caught red-handed in a compromising situation. He was removed from his official capacity immediately. Both, the officer and his female friend, were demoted and subjected to further investigation.The Inquiry Commission findings exonerated me and found no work related deficiency in me. The flags (markers) in my profile were all removed and the status set to normal. All others colluding with the officer were officially censured. In my heart, I believe that with the intercession of Mother Mary, Jesus intervened in my case and miraculously saved me from my troubles. Words are inadequate to thank Mother Mary and my Lord Jesus. My heart felt thanks to Brother Suresh for his sincere PRAYERS and his valuable ADVICE. May God bless him and Gethsemane Ministries.
Kevin - Toronto, Canada - 16 Apr 2007»
My dear Brother Suresh and our Gethsemane Prayer group: This is Long overdue.Thank you for all your prayers for my mother who has now been healed of her arthritic pains. She is 80 plus. It was in July 2006 when she fell down and hurt herself. She was also constipated for about 10 days. At the Praise and worship, I asked Br Suresh to pray for her. He told me that during the Praise and worship he would do so. The next day when I went to see her at my sister's place, she was healed of her constipation but the pains in her back were still there and she had to be held by her hand and taken around the house for her meals as well as to the washroom. At times the pains were so severe that she had to be fed on the bed as she could barely sit up. Anyway I put my trust in Jesus our saviour and told her not to worry as Jesus would heal her. I used to pray over her whenever I visited her. In September she went back to India with the pains still there. Thank God for her safe journey to Mumbai. She was living with my other sister in Mumbai. She got better although the pains were there.Finally in January 2007, she recovered fully and once again on her feet walking around. She is now back in Canada on another trip. She came all by herself in March 2007. She has asked me to send this testimony and thank Br Suresh and the Gethsemane prayer group for their prayers. Praise the Lord. Thank you Jesus and Glorify your name.Thank you Brother Suresh and the Gethsemane Prayer group once again.Your loving brother in Jesus Christ
Usha & Jacob - Toronto, Canada - 09 Jan 2007»
During the last week of December 2006, Divya, Usha's three year old niece had become seriously sick while the family was vacationing at Los Angels. She was suffering from acute pneumonia and we had requested prayers from all. Now Divya has recovered and she is back home in Sanfrancisco yesterday.We praise the Lord for the Mighty Healing and express our deep gratitude to all for their fervant and consistant prayers.Thank you.
Jerome & Prescilla Pais - Toronto, Canada - 14 Sep 2006»
We thank Jesus on our knees for being so very kind and merciful towards us, throughout our ordeal in arranging the sale of our house in India. It was only His mercy, love & wisdom that guided us throughout our stay in India and made it possible for us to close the sale deal successfully and handover the house to the new owner in just 8 business days! It was a surprise to both us and our family as to how this could all come together in such a short time, when in reality it would take more than 6 - 8 weeks for such a task to come to a successful end! As I thank my Father for all His blessings that He has continued to shower upon us and our family, I pray that He shows His mercy and love on all those needy bretheren of mine who are struggling with financial difficulties and lack of a proper job.Thank you for your continuous prayers and support. May God Bless you all,
Vincent and Veena Pinto - Toronto, Canada - 26 May 2006»
Praise the Lord! We migrated to Canada a couple of years ago with our two little children. It was very difficult to start right from the scratch in a new country! But our Lord is an awesome God! He blessed us with jobs, a little home of our own and everything that we needed. Praise the Lord! Vincent was trying to obtain his industrial electrical licence. The holy spirit guided him to the right source and enabled him to score 78% marks and obtain his licence. Everything is possible only with our Lord Jesus! A special thanks to all at Gethsemane Ministeries especially the intercessory prayer group for all their prayers and continuous support. Lord please give us the grace to magnify and bless your name forever and forever! Praise the Lord! Yours in Jesus,
Alzera Alfonso - Toronto, Canada - 23 Mar 2006»
Thank you Br.Suresh, I would like to Praise and Glorify His Almighty name. He is all powerful. My mother-in-law went through a bypass surgery on Feb 27th and things looked very downhill the next day after the surgery. It was a day of fear and uncertainty, He who is Almighty was there and watching over her and all her children. He touched her and I know His healing hand touched her and things looked better as the day progressed i.e Feb 28th. The entire staff working on her started to clap, cause things looked so much better as compared to the morning. Praise God all praise and claps to His will and plan. She was on the breathing tube for a week and the Good Lord healed her of that too. She was off the breathing tube for almost 2 weeks. Praise God, knowing He is there at all times and watching over His people, gave us and her a lot of faith, strength and courage.Health issues are there but like I said He is taking care of her. All is well in His hands Her heart looks fine after the surgery, Praise God. The lungs are an issue still with regards to her breathing, but we lay all are concerns and thought in His hands that He will take care of this as well. Praise You Jesus, Thank you Jesus.
Evangeline - Toronto, Canada - 15 Mar 2006»
I would like to give my testimony of the physical healings I have had in my life. In 1999 I was diagonosed with Ovarian cancer and after 2 surgeries I was scheduled for chemotherapy in January of the following year. I visited the Divine Retreat Centre in December and returned to Dubai to find out that I did not require chemotherapy because tests taken after my return proved that I did not require treatment. I was suffering from diarrhoea and weight loss since November 2003 and doctors could not diagnose what was wrong with me. I had lost 15 kgs in weight and thought that my cancer had returned. I had asked Suresh to pray for me in January 2005 and in March 2005 I was admitted to Mt.Sinai hospital and diagnosed with Crohns. I was put on medication and recovered rightaway. I thank God for keeping our family together in times of despair and for the peace and renewed faith that he has given our family since we have started attending the Gethsemane prayer group. For this and much more I thank our God.
Maria - Toronto, Canada - 10 Mar 2006»
Dear friends, I would like to thank you for your prayers for the confirmation of my employment. God has heard our prayers. Praise and thanks to Him. Thank you very much for your intercession and prayers. God bless all of you.
Susan - Toronto, Canada - 23 Jan 2006»
Dear Brother Suresh, Hope you are doing well. Your talk on Friday was extremely inspiring and motivating. I was writing this email to thank you and the prayer group members who prayed for my cousin in India. He is well and back home, walking, talking and everything. The good Lord has been very merciful and without prayers nothing would have been possible. Once again this is my testimony on behalf of him to thank everyone for their prayers.Thanks and have a blessed day.
Prescilla Pais - Toronto, Canada - 19 Dec 2005»
Praise the Lord! I would like to thank and praise the Lord for granting our son, Alston, a very good job at a bank. His love & mercy towards my family has been endless, and I ask His blessings and kindness upon all those who are without a job and are continuing their search. Help them Lord and ease their financial hardship!.
Georgekutty & Family - Edmonton, Canada - 14 Nov 2005»
Praise the Lord ! Now Kiran is very active and good girl in Christ. She talks well and understands well (She was in ventilator for 2 months). God has done great things in her life. I can say it is a very great miracle in the life. Because doctors said no cure for this type of bacteria which affected the brain, the bacteria affected is not treatable in medical history. Doctors advised for prayer and love. Our family friend doctor who came from Florida and visited her, he also told us that no medicine for this sickness in American medical history. Any way our God is living God, he did great things. Thanking God for all his great love shown in our life. Also my special thanks for the Gethsemane Ministries. Let God pour out his blessings to all our brothers and sisters.Thank you Jesus.
Sabu & Maria, Canada - 10 Oct 2005»
Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, about two weeks back I had sent a prayer request for our friend who was seriously ill due to an internal bleeding after a cesarean section. In the last two weeks our heavenly father have blessed her and family abundantly through the divine healing. Many thanks for your prayer support. She is recovering well and possibly will get discharged from the hospital by next week. Please continue remembering her and family in your prayers.
Rolcy, Hamilton, Canada - 30 Aug 2005»
Dear Brothers and Sisters, I was suffering from severe and continuous bleeding for the past 6 months. I used to feel very frustrated, uncomfortable and emotional. When I went for the recent live-in retreat at Jacksons point I prayed very hard. I asked brother Suresh also to pray for me. When I reached home after the retreat, the bleeding had completely stopped but unfortunately it was back on next day. I was very sad and upset and I cried to God asking Him why He didn't want to heal me. And from that day onwards I started praying the rosary everyday and waited patiently for Gods time. A few weeks later, on 13th of August I went for the Malayalam prayer meeting and brother Suresh prayed over me. After that prayer, on our way home in the car, I felt great peace and happiness in my heart. Two days later the bleeding completely stopped. My Gynecologist had told me that I will have to take medication for 6 months and that I may even have to continue for one year. Many of my friends told me that I should continue the medication even though the bleeding had stopped, but I prayed to Jesus and stopped the medication. By my God's mercy on me, now I am completely free from everything and I believe in my heart that Jesus has touched and healed me. Praise The Lord! I would like to testify also one more miracle, which I have never testified. After my daughter Abigail was born, the doctors had told me that I have hernia. Because of hernia I could not hold my baby and the doctor suggested that I do not carry the baby to avoid the problem getting worse. It was very difficult for me. One year back I attended a retreat in Mount Alverno with my husband and daughter Abigail. During the time of healing prayer, brother Suresh prayed over me. I had not told him that I had hernia. At the end of the retreat when everyone was leaving, brother Suresh told me that when he prayed over me he felt I had some trouble in my stomach and that Jesus has healed it. I did not take it serious at that time. When I reached home I felt no pain in my stomach and since that very moment I have never felt the pain of hernia ever until today. I thank God and Praise Him for the blessings he has showered upon me. Praise The Lord!
Mini, Toronto, Canada 14 Aug 2005»
Praise the Lord. I am suppose to send this testimony six months back, while I was sick around december 2004. I had an over sized tumor in the right ovary. Doctors told me that the tumor may be malignant and need a surgery soon. I was very upset and worried too much about the tumor. I called Bro.Suresh and he prayed with me over the phone, after that I didnt worry much about the tumor. We started praying and also requested Gethsemane for their prayers. I went to India and had my surgery there. Doctors also mentioned that If there is any malignancy, there will be a second surgery within one weeks time. Week after my surgery doctor told that my biopsy result was negative and dont need any more surgery. Thank you Jesus, for this great miracle. For the last one month i discovered an unusual pain in my side and back, that was very persistent and was getting worst day by day. I saw the specialist and he told me that the scar from my previous surgery may not be healed. He sent me for an ultrasound. I also attended Gethsemane weekly prayer meeting on Aug. 5th Friday, during praise and worship, Bro.Suresh announce that Jesus is healing two persons internal organs. I truly believe that i received the healing. After the prayer meeting Bro.Suresh prayed over me. I experienced a big fire in my stomach, also felt weightlessness and fell down on the floor. Jesus touched and healed me that very moment. After that I didnt feel any pain in my body. I also received my recent ultrasound report and it was absolutely normal.Thank you Jesus, for this wonderful miracle. My sincere thanks to Gethsemane for their prayer support.Thank you Jesus and praise you Jesus.
Susan, Toronto, Canada - 18 July 2005»
Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, I had sent in a prayer request for my father in India who was battling a legal court case for nearly 3 years after retirement. Yesterday the verdict was given in favour of my father and the court case was won. My father was a paper setter for English - Grade 12 prelimanary exams in India. He had asked students to write on a topic which was 'Hindutva and its disastrous affects on secular India' in 2002. One of the parents who was with the BJP/Shiv Sena (hindu fundamentalists) political group took offence to this essay and threatened to sue the School & the teacher for having asked students to comment on that essay. They felt that the Catholic school was trying to breed hatred in a Hindu country and trying to propagate thier Catholic faith. This was not at all the intention of my father who had written it so that students can think and comment on what was happening in India at that time (where political parties in their fundamentalistic approach can destroy a thriving multicultural and tolerant country - India). The School got away by bribing but the teacher (i.e my father) had to take rounds of the court for something that he did not intend at all. He had to keep on going for the court hearings month after month. At his age (post retirement) he did not need this. Here is a man who has always stood strongly for the truth and has always led a straight and non-interfering life and this was something completely uncalled for. Anyways, our God is very just and yesterday was his verdict. The case was in his favour. 'Praise the Lord' I thank our Lord Jesus in whose trust I kept all my trials and tribulations and that of my family. I want to thank all those who prayed for my father during his time of need and would like to thank Gethsemane ministries for praying for him. Praise to our Lord Jesus Christ.
Mona, WA, U.S.A - 23 June 2005»
I came to Toronto for my sister-in-laws wedding and decided to give my Canadian passport for renewal. I was supposed to fly back to Seattle on June 28th but because we had to move I decided to pre-pone my flight to June 21st. So beginning June I called the office and they kept saying that it was in progress and I would receive the renewed passport on June 10th. June 10th came and they still were working on my passport. I asked Gethsemane Ministries and Suresh to pray for me and my situation. I was supposed to receive it on June 17th but because they sent it to the wrong address it had to come back to Passport Canada and then mailed out to my address in Scarborough. I attend the live in retreat and prayed and started claiming all God's promises in the Bible, so I gave up worrying and started trusting. When I came back from the retreat I called the office again, praying and praising the Lord and the passport had reached the office and they sent it to my address in Scarborough. I received my passport on June 21st in the morning and June 21st in the evening I flew to Seattle. Praise the Lord - He taught me how to trust in Him and in doing that anything is possible with the Lord. Praise the Lord.
Monisha, Canada - 21 June 2005»
My boyfriend is in USA and he is not a Christian. I drew on all strength through prayer to show him the way to God and having faith in Lord Jesus. After 2 1/2 years of being in Canada, he recently got a new job in the US and we were happy on his success. However 4 days after he started working, the company in the US terminated the project he was working on and therefore he lost his job. Well he kept on giving up and loosing hope, and I told him that loosing hope obviously is not going to help him, neither is it going to make me any stronger. I started going daily to the Blessed Sacrament before I start work and spent half an hour, for over a month. I kept on praising God for everything. Soon after three days (last Friday) he was offered another job in his field and in a good company. I want to praise and thank God, that even though he is not Christian, God used me to bring him one step closer to Jesus and to realize the "Power of Prayer". We have started praying every night and continue to do so. I praise and thank God for blessing me with such a wonderful person, and strengthening us through all our trials and tribulations. I truly believe that our Jesus is an awesome God !..
Mona and John, WA, U.S.A - 21 June 2005»
My husband and myself decided to start looking for a home. We saw a lot of homes and in that time we were preparing to fly to Toronto for my husband's sister's wedding. I was leaving on May 3rd and I was praying that we find a home so I was able to have a look at it as well. We kept looking but there wasn't a home out there that we liked. We called Suresh on Tuesday evening and asked him to pray with us and we had asked other Gethsemane Ministry to pray for us as well. Suresh got a message from the Lord and conveyed it to us. On Sunday I decided to have a look at the Remax website to see if new homes were on the market. It was the Holy Spirit that lead me to ckeck the site as a new listing was there that we really liked. We called the Realtor and asking him that we'd like to see the home. That evening we saw the home and Praise the Lord it confirmed Suresh's message and the home that we were looking for. April 30th we put in the offer and May 26th we closed on the home without any problems or complications. Praise the Lord as His Holy Spirit lead us to the home on the website and the Lord helped us close on the home without any problems. The Lord was there with us all the way - All Praise and Glory to the Lord.
Veena, Toronto - 16 June 2005»
Praise the Lord! Thank you Jesus! Praise you Jesus! My brother's wife Priya delivered a baby girl by C section on May 19, 2005. A couple of days after that she appeared to be very restless and there was a slight memory loss. The doctors were confused and were questioning us if she had some tension. I sent a prayer request to Gethsemane 24 hour prayer line to ask our Lord to atleast diagonise the problem. The very next day it was found that her blood pressure was on the higher side and immediate medication was administered. Now she and the baby are absolutely fine. Praise the Lord! Thank you Jesus! A very special thank you to the Gethsemane intercessory group for their prayers. Please continue to pray for the family as they prepare themselves for baptism in the first week of July. Assuring you of our fervent prayers always.Yours in Jesus,
Hans Michael, Germany - 10 April 2005»
Dearest friends praise the Lord, He has done great things. After the easter feastdays, I got the report from Doctor regarding the operation that was done just before easter sunday. In hospital a malignant cancerous growth was removed from my right testicle. This type of cancer is likely to appear between the age of 18 and 30 and from 30 onward the likeliness of this cancer to appear is diminishing. Now my cancer came and as the Doctor said, this is a very fast spreading, insidious type of cancer, but obviously it did not spread - was miraculously "burt out","imploded", yes such were the Doctors words. I thank and praise the Lord who has given me healing on behalf of your intercession, may the Lord bless you and your ministry, Jesuspowerfull precious blood shall protect you and strengthen you.The Lord our God shall, annoint you with His precious Holy Spirit, I pray to the Father, through the Holy Spirit, in Jesus Name, Amen. Praise the Lord.
Sabu, Toronto, Canada - 7 April 2005»
Dear brothers and sisters, I had sent a prayer request for my mother who was suffering from headache for a long time. She is now feeling much better through divine healing. Praise the lord. Thank you for the payer support and please continue to remember her in your prayers. With love and prayers,
Sally, Hamilton, Canada - 14 Mar 2005»
My dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, my mother was suffering a lot for a long time due to hardening of her tongue. As a result of this, her toungue became very rough and she could not feel any kind of taste of food or drinks. We started praying and our Lord Jesus gave us a wonderful opportunity to attened the Gethsemane Ministries retreat conducted on March 5 & 6, 2005. When she closed her eyes and prayed after the preaching of the word of God, she saw a bright light passing over her face and at the same time she smelled a sweet fragrance. During the Holy Mass when she received the Holy communion she experienced a burning sensation on her tongue. When she reached home she recognized that her tongue became very smooth and light. Now she can feel all kinds of taste of food and drink very well.For the last three years she could not kneel down due to stiffness and pain in the knee. But at the time of the adoration of the Blessed sacarament, she was able to kneel down easily in front of theBlessed Sacrament with out any pain. From then on all the stiffness and pain in her knee diappeared and now she does not have any problem kneeling down. Praise the Lord! Thankyou Jesus for healing my mother.
Sabu, NS, Canada - 14 Mar 2005»
Dear Brothers & Sisters, Praise the Lord. A few months back I had sent a prayer request for my wifes family.They were struggling to dispose of some property.They found buyer and sold the property at a reasonable price. We all are thanking Lord for this great blessing.Thank you for your kind prayers. Please continue to remember us in your prayers.With Love & Prayers,
Paul and Veena, Toronto, Canada - 11 Mar 2005»
My son Trevor aged 3, developed high fever accompanied by convulsions/seizures one Sunday evening last month. He was breathless and his lips turned blue. As it happened for the first time, we did not know what to do. Also as it was a Sunday, there were no doctors available. I cried out our Lords name and at that same moment, the Holy Spirit enlightened my husband Paul to put a cold cloth on his burning forehead. Meanwhile I dialed emergency. In a couple of minutes he revived and was breathing normally even before the doctors arrived. After he was rushed to hospital, I send a prayer request to the Gethsemane 24-hour prayer line. The doctors diagnosed it to be a viral infection and he recovered within 3-4 days. Praise the Lord! Thank you Jesus! My husband Paul developed high blood pressure. We came to know when he casually checked it at a medical store. It was really shocking as he never had this problem before and that too at such a young age! He went to a doctor who confirmed that indeed he was suffering from high blood pressure. He asked him to reduce salt intake and check it again in a couple of weeks. I send a prayer request to the Gethsemane prayer group. When we checked it again in a weeks time, it had come down to normal. Praise the Lord! Also a very special thanks to the Gethsemane intercessory group for their prayers and support. May our Lord continue to shower his blessings on you and give you the strength and courage to spread the good news of his salvation to the world.Yours in Jesus,
Melany, Scarborough, Canada - 28 Feb 2005»
Dear brother Suresh, My husband and I thank you very much for responding to the prayer request I left on the phone line. It was a pleasant surprise when you called and pray with us and inquire about my eldest brother's sickness. All prayers worked wonders and my brother was discharged from the UK hospital, the same day you prayed with us. The doctors could not confirm that it was a heart attack, which was good news. We were praying, praising and thanking the Lord for 3 hours at a stretch when we heard the shocking news of my brother and uncles hospitalization for heart problem.My priest uncle was also out of the intensive care unit in USA and was discharged from hospital 2 days after you prayed. My mother's (in Sri Lanka) aches and pains due to heart failure too had vanished. God answered our prayers in miraculous ways by reaching out and healing three of my family members at the same time in 3 different countries (UK, USA and Sri Lanka). You praying with us were an added consolation and your kindness is greatly appreciated. We thank and Praise the Lord for the great relief and blessings imparted upon us. And also I like to mention that I got complete cure for my womb problem by praying together with my husband. Once again I thank you very much for your prayers and we continue to pray for all the brothers and sisters in your ministry. May you all be blessed with God's mighty power as you do the good work of spreading God's Holy Word.
Hans Michael, Germany - 25 Feb 2005»
Praise the Lord. Here I can joyfully let you know that the eye operation, you have prayed for was successfull and the patient is very well and can see now better than before. His lense was removed and he got implanted a new one.Thanks to the Lord for His love,mercy and kndness, for His patience, glory to Him for His powerfull working.
Angelica, Toronto, Canada - 21 Feb 2005»
Angelica, Toronto, Canada - 21 Feb 2005 In November 2004 I hurt by back at home. As a result could not sit or stand on my feet, I also had difficulty turning in bed and this frightened me as I thought I would be bed-ridden since I suffer from osteopenia. A family friend mentioned this prayer group and offered to drive me. So I attended my first prayer meeting on November 26th, I sat most of the time as I could not stand for more than 5 minutes. After the meeting Brother Suresh prayed over me. That night I slept peacefully for the first time in two weeks. The following Tuesday I had gone shopping at Wal-Mart and I realized I had been walking for almost 2-1/2 hours without feeling any pain in my back or legs. Praise the Lord! My eyes filled with tears because He had accepted me in spite of all my shortcomings and healed me. I want to thank each and every one of you who prayed for me that day for my physical and spiritual healing. Whenever I am disturbed I turn to something religious, be it the bible when I am at home or the radio when I am on the road. I know now that all that matters is that I spend each day in the way the Lord would want me to and that is all that matters. I have a long way to go, but I know my Lord will guide me through it one day at a time. Over the past years I had slowly drifted away from prayers due to all my worldly commitments. I always had an excuse not to pray and I justified it very well too. Now, I find peace in pray and am able to pray first thing in the morning, during the day and last thing at night. We have also started praying the family rosary every night. My son had some issues at the campus where he resides and my daughter at the place where she works. We prayed over it and the problems either disappeared or were resolved in a good way. At home we now call it the POWER OF PRAYER. All of this has touched my daughters heart too. She too prays on her knees each morning. Weve had some issues with our business, but ever since we started attending the meetings we have seen our Lords hand every step of the way. I know He will guide us in doing the right thing. Fatima, Toronto, Canada - 12 Feb 2005
Fatima, Toronto, Canada - 12 Feb 2005»
In November 2004 I hurt by back at home. As a result could not sit or stand on my feet, I also had difficulty turning in bed and this frightened me as I thought I would be bed-ridden since I suffer from osteopenia. A family friend mentioned this prayer group and offered to drive me. So I attended my first prayer meeting on November 26th, I sat most of the time as I could not stand for more than 5 minutes. After the meeting Brother Suresh prayed over me. That night I slept peacefully for the first time in two weeks. The following Tuesday I had gone shopping at Wal-Mart and I realized I had been walking for almost 2-1/2 hours without feeling any pain in my back or legs. Praise the Lord! My eyes filled with tears because He had accepted me in spite of all my shortcomings and healed me. I want to thank each and every one of you who prayed for me that day for my physical and spiritual healing. Whenever I am disturbed I turn to something religious, be it the bible when I am at home or the radio when I am on the road. I know now that all that matters is that I spend each day in the way the Lord would want me to and that is all that matters. I have a long way to go, but I know my Lord will guide me through it one day at a time. Over the past years I had slowly drifted away from prayers due to all my worldly commitments. I always had an excuse not to pray and I justified it very well too. Now, I find peace in pray and am able to pray first thing in the morning, during the day and last thing at night. We have also started praying the family rosary every night. My son had some issues at the campus where he resides and my daughter at the place where she works. We prayed over it and the problems either disappeared or were resolved in a good way. At home we now call it the POWER OF PRAYER. All of this has touched my daughters heart too. She too prays on her knees each morning. Weve had some issues with our business, but ever since we started attending the meetings we have seen our Lords hand every step of the way. I know He will guide us in doing the right thing.
Linda - UK - Wed, 16 Apr 2003»
My husband and I would like to thank all those at the Gethsemane Prayer Group and the Family Prayer Mission who put in so much of effort and their time to invite Father Augustine, Glen and Therese from India for the retreat. God does wonders when you are working for Him as call Saviors. Praise to our Wonderful and Mighty Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. May the Good Lord Bless all of you and your families abundantly, as you continue to gather more brothers and sisters to Him. It was a very beautiful retreat, which touched so many people. I would like to thank God for allowing me and my family to be present there every single day of the retreat. Everyday we returned home with joy in our hearts. We felt so good. God's message for me was when faced with trials, I have to focus on our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ because only He cares and knows me through and through.The Couples Retreat was awesome too. The washing of the feet ceremony was beautiful, which Fr. Augustine did it with a very beautiful meaning. When I went home that night, I felt so happy and thanked my Sweet Lord for everything. Now every night my husband, our son and me join hands together and do praise and worship before we go to bed. I am very glad to hear my son praising and thanking God, which I've never heard before. Every night I wore my rosary on my neck and held on tightly to the cross and said "Jesus, Jesus,.. and went to bed. He has always been my strength, my comfort, my shelter, my hiding place and my refuge in times of trouble. I thank my Sweet Lord for He cares and loves me so much, more than anyone in this world. I thank Him for all the trials in my life, which He made me, realize and learn how weak I was without Him and that I need Him in my life. I'm so proud of you Lord and I love you my Jesus.
Ludy - USA - Fri, 3 Jan 2003»
Greetings to all in our saviour Jesuse Christ. Prayers were requested on December 10th for the following: (1). Ingrid & her husband who were separated for more than a month: Now they have been reconciled on Christmas Day. (2). My daughter Cassandra who was over due: Gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on Dec.12th, a very normal delivery. Also, the doctor was suspecting the baby to be down-syndrome and suggested for an abortion in her 2nd/3rd month of pregancy.This healing took place the very first time when Suresh told my daughter that Jesus has healed the baby. I praise and thank my Lord my God who has always been my refuge and strength and my rock. Thank you all and God's blessing always be with you.
John - USA - Wed, 1 Jan 2003»
Thank you so much brothers and sisters in Christ for prayers offered in the past. My family and I faced many daunting challenges and we were led by the Holy Spirit to you. You undertook the challenge and offered to pray for us. We are beginning to see changes. Praise God !. We are encouraged in seeing the results of prayer. Please continue to remember us in your daily prayers as I will. God bless you all and enrich you with a stronger committment to do His will and a powerful spirit to guide you in all you do. May He richly bless you in the way He sees best and may all joy be yours.
Sally Alex - Hamilton, ON - Canada - Tue, 03 Dec 2002»
Praise the Lord ! My dear brothers and sisters in Christ, today I talked to my brother Bose who had an accident before. His injury was very serious and everybody think that we can't see him again. But he is still alive, It is really a miracle. I think God has a plan for him. Thanks for your wonderful prayers. I always thankful to God. I was cried like Martha and Mary cried. Praise the Lord, but now I am very happy. There is a blood clot in his brain and he has some head-ache too, otherwise he is fine. Please continue to pray for him. With lots of thanks and prayers,
Isaac Musa - Holland - Wed, 27 Nov 2002»
I dont know what to say, but I have been really blessed through your web site. I am here just to say that, I am a christian believer, and I accepted Jesus as my personal saviour. I am asking you to submit me in your special prayers, and I believe God wil listen to you. May God bless you in what ever you are doing, and also I will include you in my prayers.
Haydee - Puerto Rico - Thu, 21 Nov 2002»
Praise His holy Name ! Thank you for your prayers for my grandson Carlos.Today he was released from the hospital and he is doing great ! Glory to God ! I declare him totally and completely cured by the blood of Jesus. Thank you for your prayers and may the Lord bless you abundantly so that you can keep praying for others.
John - USA - Wed, 20 Nov 2002»
Thank you for praying for my son who was addicted to drugs, he is at a safe and a holy place. Please continue to pray for him, he gets the help he needs.Thank you prayer warriors, most of all thank you Jesus. May God bless you and your work.
Steve - USA - Mon, 11 Nov 2002»
God bless you for praying for us. I believe it is because of the prayers of faithful saints like you that God delivered us from the financial debts we faced. Praise the Lord. Please continue to pray for us, as we are a faith ministry and depend on the goodness of God each day to continue reaching young people.
Mike - USA - Thu, 7 Nov 2002»
I would like to say thank you for your prayers; God has answered a request I sent to you just recently. Thank you again for your prayers.
Kay - USA - Tue, 5 Nov 2002»
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your prayers on our behalf. The Lord has answered our prayers and my Fiance has gotten a good report from his doctor. His blood sugar levels are normal and he does not have Diabetes. I have started a prayer journal and it is beginning to be full of all the blessings and answered prayers in our lives. My prayer is that others will be touched by your Ministry as we were. What a blessing to be able to reach out to others around the world and have them pray for us. May God Bless you all.
Sabu & Maria - USA - Mon, 28 Oct 2002»
Dear Brothers and Sisters, Iam sending this mail to thank you for the prayer support given to me in the last few months. I had sent a couple of prayer requests in the last few months for my wife's visa processing. There were a lot of issues, which were negatively affecting the visa processing. In the second week of October she got the visa and now she is with me after 17 months of our marriage. We are praising and thanking god for this great blessing.

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