Gethsemane Youth Ministry

“Let no one despise your youth, but set the believers an example in speech and conduct, in love, in faith, in purity.” 1 Timothy 4:12

Gethsemane Ministries has a vibrant and dynamic youth ministry to evangelize and help young people live their Catholic faith in our secular world. Children, youth and young adults gather weekly for prayer, bible study, praise, worship and fellowship. Catechism classes for children grades 1 to 8 and activities tailored for each group.

Our Regular Youth Programs

  • Friday Youth Prayer Meetings
  • Youth Program during Day Retreat
  • March Lenten Retreats for High School & College/University students
  • Summer Fiat (Camp)
  • Christmas Celebration Play
  • Youth Music Ministry


"I was born and raised in a Catholic family, going to Sunday mass as a characteristic Catholic individual, yet I came to realize the beauty and truth of our faith through my time as a youth in Gethsemane. In this day and age, it is difficult to accept faith and religion and more so to practice it and make it a daily part of our lives. My years in Gethsemane has taught me to truly internalize my faith and make it a integral part of my daily life. Through the difficulties and worries of life, it has been the cornerstone to which I am able to steady my gaze to God and overcome those challenges. It was there that I understood the importance of the Eucharist and the blessed Sacrament. And it was there that I realized the significance of developing a profound relationship with God."

Reflection on Blood of Jesus

"The Blood of Christ is the Fountain of Mercy. That mercy came at a price. Jesus’s long hours of agony, humiliation, condemnation and finally death. It's freely given to us. Do we just ask? And ask, and ask? And not value it? The Fountain of Mercy is given to all of us, but only a few have complete trust in His mercy and believe that they'll be saved by His Mercy. Only a few share in it although many receive it. God's mercy is endless and has no limit, but it is only we who set the limits ourselves in our minds. The Holy Blood of Jesus has power. Each drop of His Blood, is like the building block to build our faith. It is faith that will hold us together in times of hardship. Through every drop of His blood we receive grace to overcome our sin. If we believe that it has power, we can overcome our sins and hardships. It is because I believed that His Holy blood has power, I overcame my sinful ways."