“For nothing will be impossible with God.” Luke 1:37

The ministry began in September 1997 as a response to the Holy Spirit to evangelize. A few families gathered regularly to pray and share the Word of God. Through prayer, Scripture study and fellowship, faith was being renewed and commitment to the Church strengthened.

Staying dedicated to the call to ‘pray and listen’; the number of families continued to grow at the weekly prayer meetings in Toronto. To serve the growing community better and to provide faith formation, the Ministry expanded its activities to include retreats, conferences, seminars and conventions. After seventeen years, God in His faithfulness, blessed the Ministry with a Centre in the Diocese of St. Catharines to reach out to more and evangelize.

Our Mission

Gethsemane Ministries’ mission is to preach the Word of God and advance the teachings, religious tenets, and observances associated with the Catholic Church. Led by lay leaders, the ministry helps individuals develop a personal relationship with Jesus and live according to their vocation, witnessing the gospel.

Gethsemane Ministries helps the sick and the needy as a practical manifestation of the catholic faith and love of God.